Founder’s Story

The Early Years

Growing up in Southern Oregon on the Rogue River, nature was my playground. From a young age my Dad and me spent a lot of time in the outdoors. Some of my favorite memories are from those times, and I hold them close to my heart. 

We spent a lot of time catching salmon on the Rogue, taking fishing trips out in the Pacific, crabbing off the coast, and skeet shooting on Onion Mountain. In the summer time it was all about swan diving off cliffs into the Rogue River, and rafting Hellgate Canyon. 


New Adventures

For college, I headed off to Hilo, Hawaii. Spearfishing, snorkling, and exploring the beauty of the islands was an unforgettable adventure.  

I was still hungry for adventure. I signed up to work in a cannery in Togiak, Alaska. Working 18 hour days on dock crew, processing salmon caught by local fishermen was a great experience. We would spend lunch breaks high on the docks watching brown bears just 20 feet below. 


Coming Home

After graduation, I was ready to come home, and settle in the Northwest. I met a wonderful woman that I would marry, and we decided to start a family. Not long after we were blessed with two amazing children. I wanted to share everything I love about nature, and the Pacific Northwest with them. I also wanted to capture that feeling in the apparel I was wearing. The problem was there was not a brand in the Northwest that could do that for me. They were either to over priced and trendy or low quality. Thus FALL IN SIGHT APPAREL CO. was born. 

Today we spend our weekends camping, crabbing of the coast, and searching for the next outdoor adventure. 

My kids feel as at home in the outdoors just as I did at their age, and I look forward to seeing what the future brings. 

Welcome to FALL IN SIGHT 

Davey Niznik 
Owner, Founder